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Pictograph not working with IE8

We're having a problem with pictures not showing and not being able to enter data using IE8 across the school. Do you have any suggestions or fixes?

I've found that it works fine with my colleagues IE9 installation and a Firefox installation.

Thanks, Glen

Glen Vellino , 03.11.2011, 09:34
Idea status: completed


johnyma22, 03.11.2011, 12:34
Main bug fixed but still a big bug w/ Images being too large.

Looking into it now
johnyma22, 06.11.2011, 17:48
Okay, so basically because IE8 doesn't have CSS3 support we can't do 2 things
a) The transparency on overlay of the resize image
b) Resize background images so they are one per unit.

Obviously this is a pain and my only recommendation is to use any other browser that isn't operating system dependent.

I'm open to other people contributing source to fix this. Anyone who knows JS/CSS will be able to view the source and figure out a fix.

Sorry but the cause is Microsoft, I know this isn't a great answer but it's the best I can give :|

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