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print the graph

I cant print the graph - it doesnt show the items when you print,just shows the label.I wanted to use this with a group of children on Wednesday.

Claire Smith , 06.02.2012, 11:43
Idea status: completed


johnyma22, 06.02.2012, 12:25
We know you love to print but we're trying to discourage it.

Because of this printing is lower priority for us than embedded.

Instead of printing you can share the pictograph on your blog or learning platform. To get your own class blog check out primaryblogger.co.uk -- it's completely free to use and super easy!

Katie, 09.01.2013, 16:38
It would be nice to be able to let the students print their work if they are making their own graphs. This would also allow them to annotate their graphs. Otherwise it would be nice to be able to let students make their own graphs and save them in something like word so that they have the ability to manipulate the graph and add to it for projects.
Jean, 20.03.2013, 15:19
I found your website yesterday, just in time to teach pictographs to my students. My students are so excited to create your pictograph with their data, but now I learned they will be unable to print it :( They will be so disappointed when I tell them tomorrow. I teach basic skills math, and my students love to share what they do in my class with their peers and families. Their teachers ask me to come in and help the others do many of the activities we do in my class. My basic skills students teach their classmates how to collect, create, and print their graphs. They were so looking forward to teaching their classmates how to make their own pictographs with the data they collect. Oh, well, looks like we will have to make new plans for tomorrow.
Paul, 15.04.2013, 05:36
This is ridiculous, why on earth is printing being discouraged? what possible negative impact, does students being able to print of their work have? Leaving out these sort of options will allow the competition to eat you alive. There isn't any reason to choose this over a similar product that does allow printing.
Chloe, 12.11.2013, 17:02
I would love to print my graph for a project. There are many other websites that make things like this but they can't print either. :(
anon, 13.10.2014, 20:45
With a little bit of guidance, could children not print screen their work and print it via pasting in word etc. ?
johnyma22, 16.11.2015, 00:04
We have now added the ability to print the pictographs.


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